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Update COVID-19 & Renting – August 10

Update COVID-19 & Renting – August 10

Notices of Termination can again be served from the 2nd of August 2020, and the usual protections under the Residential Tenancies Act again apply. Where a Notice of Termination was served before the emergency period and the notice period had not yet expired by 27th March 2020, the notice period was paused. The notice period … Continued

8 Steps: Dealing with Rent Arrears under New Legislation

8 Steps: Dealing with Rent Arrears under New Legislation

Dealing with Rent Arrears under New Legislation. There are eight steps detailed below which all tenants and landlords must follow if they find themselves in rent arrears. Failure to complete each step as set out below will lead to a Notice of Termination being deemed invalid. Step 1: A landlord must issue a 28 day … Continued

Update COVID-19 & Renting – August 5

Update COVID-19 & Renting – August 5

The Residential Tenancies and Valuation Act 2020 was signed into law by the president on August 2nd. This new act specifically sets out protections for tenants that have fallen into rent arrears and as a result are at a risk of losing their tenancy. It also sets out to protect those whose employment was impacted … Continued

Update COVID-19 & Renting

COVID-19: Update on Emergency Measures to Protect Residential Tenants.

COVID-19: Update on Emergency Measures to Protect Residential Tenants. Since 27th March 2020, emergency measures have been in place to protect tenants during the coronavirus emergency period. These measures have been extended to 1 August 2020. During the emergency period: 1 – A tenant cannot be served with a notice of termination. 2 – If … Continued

Tenant turnover matters.

Tenant Turnover Matters

Growing rental yields are a benefit to most landlords as in theory this increases the investment returns. However having a single minded approach to letting can be counterproductive. Our experience shows that keeping happy tenants in place can be more lucrative than increased gross yields. Tenant turnover does matter. The reason is pretty obvious but … Continued

Fire Safety and Prevention

Fire destroys homes and lives every day so it’s important that everyone knows how best to prevent it. Here are some tips that everyone should follow: Install fire alarms and smoke detectors. Test each alarm once a month to make sure it’s working. Teach children the basics of fire safety and how to prevent, prepare … Continued

How to Avoid Rental Scams

  Over the last couple of years the Dublin rental market has become pretty difficult to negotiate. The increased demand for rental properties has also led to an increase in property rental scams, which have left many people out of pocket sometimes by huge amounts of money. According to Daft.ie, there are two types of scams … Continued

Tenants: Don’t forget to Claim your Rent Relief


If you are renting accommodation privately (whether in Ireland or outside the State) and pay income tax, you may be eligible for tax relief on part of your rent. You can only claim this relief if you were already renting at 7 December 2010. If you were not renting on that date and you subsequently … Continued

A Landlord’s Guide to Property Inspections


As a landlord, it is very important to conduct periodic inspections throughout each tenancy to assess the condition of the interior and exterior of your property and also to ensure that your tenants are complying with their lease agreement. We would suggest that periodic inspections are carried out a minimum of twice during each contract. More … Continued

Average rents to soar above €2000 per month

Door with Question Mark

The Help to Buy scheme is the only measure taken in Budget 2017 to stimulate the supply of new homes in Dublin. It is designed to help first time buyers but essentially it is a grant to developers that will probably increase asking prices. The government are taking a gamble that higher prices will boost … Continued

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