Requesting Maintenance Assistance A Tenant's Guide

Maintenance Assistance – A Tenant’s Guide

At Earnest, we are committed to providing prompt maintenance assistance to any property issues you might encounter. For that reason, to help expedite the resolution process, we’ve put together a guide to follow when requesting maintenance assistance.

1. The Power of a Clear Subject Line When Requesting Maintenance Assistance

Firstly, when sending an email to, the subject line plays a crucial role. Always include your address with the Eircode, followed by a brief description of the issue. This simple step helps us quickly identify the property and the nature of the problem.

Example of Subject Line

59 King St N, Smithfield, D07 C5XV – No Hot Water in the Shower

2. Detailed Message Content

Secondly, your message should provide as much information as possible about the issue you’re facing. For example, for hot water problems, specify the type of the heating system you have, gas boiler or water cylinder. Also, the areas with hot water (i.e., bathroom and kitchen sinks), and the areas without (i.e., shower). Attach pictures of your boiler or water cylinder, timer panel, pump, and shower. Visuals aid our understanding of the problem and allow us to take the appropriate action.

3. Maintenance Assistance – Appliance Issues

Similarly, for appliance-related issues, you should highlight the appliance’s malfunctioning function (i.e., drain or spin). Check the manufacturer’s website or manual for troubleshooting steps (and mention if you’ve attempted any troubleshooting beforehand.). Attach pictures of the appliance, including the make and model. This information assists our team in determining the best course of action.

Example of Email Content for an Appliance Issue

Hi there,

We’re experiencing an issue with the washer/dryer. When turning the appliance on, the green light goes on, but the machine doesn’t fill with water. We’ve checked the power socket, which seems to work fine with other appliances. The water pipes behind the washer/dryer are untouched.

Attached is a picture of the washer/dryer’s make and model for reference.

4. Providing Contact Details

Thirdly, confirm the contact details of the person we or our contractors should reach out to for access to the property. This ensures our maintenance team can schedule the necessary visit without delays.

Understanding the Maintenance Process

Your reported problems are dealt with in a prioritizing process. Some cases involve obtaining quotations and the landlord’s approval before involving our contractors, which can take time. By following the above guidelines, you empower us to swiftly understand and address your concern.

Remember, clear communication helps us serve you better. Feel free to reach out to for any maintenance assistance or inquiries. We’re here to make your living experience as comfortable as possible.