€500 Rent Tax Credit

According to Budget 2023, the €500 Rent Tax Credit will be available for four tax years (2022 to 2025). The credit will be €1,000 per year in the case of a jointly assessed couple, and €500 in all other cases. Claims for 2022 will begin in January 2023.

For the purpose of the rent tax credit, any payment made in return for using, occupying, enjoyment, and having special possession of a property will qualify as a qualifying payment.

It is a requirement that Landlords have complied with all existing RTB registration obligations for the tenant to claim the €500 Rent Tax Credit.


  1. The tenant must make a formal claim (tax return).
  2. The tenant must have paid rent in the year in question.
  3. The tenant must not be in receipt of HAP, Rent Supplement or RAS.
  4. The tenant must have paid more income tax than the amount of credit for the year.
  5. The credit is not available where the tenancy is exempt from RTB registration.

Landlord Information Required

  1. The Local Property Tax (LPT) unique reference number
    (you can find on any LPT correspondence you have received from Revenue)
  2. The Residential Tenancy Board (RTB) unique reference number
    (on all RTB correspondence received since the current tenant moved in)

It is not a requirement for claimants to provide proof of rental payments. However, the Revenue may request receipts, lease, statement etc. In some instances, Revenue may ask a landlord to provide documentation directly.

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