Notices of Termination can again be served from the 2nd of August 2020, and the usual protections under the Residential Tenancies Act again apply.

Where a Notice of Termination was served before the emergency period and the notice period had not yet expired by 27th March 2020, the notice period was paused. The notice period can now resume.

Issuing a Notice of Termination (not for rent arrears)
For tenancies other than those in rent arrears, ending a tenancy is now permitted. The existing laws on how to end a tenancy, in place prior to the emergency period, apply again from the 2nd August 2020.

Rent Reviews
As long as the usual rent review rules and 90-day rent review notice period has been adhered to, rent increases become payable by the tenant with no back-dating permitted.

From 2nd August 2020, all the rules around setting and reviewing the apply as they did before the emergency period.

Please note that where a landlord has received a Self-Declaration from their tenant, no rent increase can take effect until the day after the expiry of the emergency period – i.e. 11th January 2021.

Rent Arrears
Tenants were required to pay rent to their landlord between 27th March 2020 and 1st August 2020 and continue to be obligated to pay their rent. If a tenant is faced with rent arrears as a result of Covid-19, new rules apply.

For those tenants in rent arrears as a result of Covid-19 and are at significant risk of tenancy termination, new protections apply to them, as long as they follow the steps to complete and submit a self-declaration form.

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Click here for a copy of the Self-Declaration Form
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