With regular updates in the media of the housing crisis, we wonder if there is enough existing stock available to meet demand? Vacant properties were registered by the most recent census of 2016 and Earnest have been analysing the figures as we survey the market.

Earnest is always on the look out for properties to sell and rentals to manage. With a large volume of vacant properties in Dublin, would re-introducing a small percentage of them to the market offer some much needed relief for the sector?

We broke down some of the figures and the headline numbers …

  • 9% – The average rate of vacancy in Dublin City
  • 21,781 – The number of vacant dwellings in Dublin City
  • 7% – The average rate of vacancy in County Dublin
  • 36,732 – The number of vacant dwellings in County Dublin
  • 16% – The highest rate of vacancy seen in some City Centre regions

Figure one shows the percentages for the four main regions of Co. Dublin.

Figure 1 Dublin Vacancy Rate CSO Database

Figure 2 shows the actual numbers of vacant dwellings in each of the four Dublin districts. Again Dublin City is striking with the high volume of properties. The figure in South Dublin is lowest at 3,500 vacant units or just 4% of the total.

Figure 2 Numbers of Vacant Properties Dublin CSO Database

Earnest also analysed the dwellings by region and the statistics show very high % close to the City Centre. Dublin 7 for example has over 10% vacancy. Whilst it may not be possible to bring all of these properties to the market, if just 13.6% of these were, it would equal 5000 units.

Figure 3 Map from CSO DATABASE

If you are the owner of one of these properties please get in touch with Earnest if you would like a detailed market valuation, we can visit your home at your convenience, free of charge and with no strings attached.

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