Autumn is second best time of the year to put your home on the market. There are usually fewer properties available and that means that a well presented property can attract lots of interest and usually they sell fast. Autumn is a lot of people’s favourite time of the year because the weather is still nice (often better than our summers!!) and the vibrant colours of the leaves can make properties very appealing.

1) Curb appeal

The exterior of the property is the first impression buyers will get when they visit so it’s important to keep it clean. During Autumn this can be challenging because the flowers, plants etc. around your home will be shedding or vanishing altogether. This results in a bit of a mess around the property which needs to be cleaned before viewings up to make the property as attractive as possible to potential purchasers. Attractive curb appeal is an on-going process, so stay on top of it and keep your house looking good.

Gardening stores and nurseries often have really good deals at this time of the year so you could also consider picking up a couple of nice seasonal plants to highlight the entrance to your home.

If you have a decking, it is advisable to keep it clean of mildew and safe to walk on. Potential purchasers will be walking out on the decking and when kept well, it can be a great selling point.

2) Price Accordingly

Valuing your property correctly is one of the most important tips to selling a home in Autumn. Work with your Estate Agent and set the right price that takes the season into account. Some people claim that a house should be priced lower in Autumn to sell, but that is not necessarily true. Your Estate Agent will be able to research comparable sales and advise you on the price that makes your property compete in the current market.  In general at this time of the year, property should sell within 90 days. Overpricing it can make a property sit on the market for a much longer time and this can often cause a sort of stigma that makes it harder and harder to sell. When you are not in the top selling season and heading into Winter, it makes sense to be smart about the initial asking price you’re going to advertise at.

3) Get serious about selling

Autumn is not a time to mess around when you are selling your home. The holidays are coming, the temperatures are dropping and purchasers are motivated to close quickly. This can be a great advantage assuming that you are really intent on selling.

Pick an Estate Agent that you would like to work with and that has a hunger to sell your home and then follow their advice closely.

4) Prepare to Move

When you have followed the tips to selling in Autumn, then you will likely go sale agreed in a few weeks and the purchasers will be looking to close quickly. This means you may be looking to move home quickly which can be stressful and it’s often the worst part of selling a home. The key as always is to be prepared and to have a plan in place beforehand. Moving companies and short term storage facilities can be very useful and cost effective. Take a look at our information on Selling to Buy for further guidance

If you are thinking about selling this Autumn, talk to one of our agents today.