Why tenant insurance is a good idea.

If you’re renting an apartment or house and you don’t have tenants insurance, you might want to reconsider. Every year we have many instances where a tenants are left at a loss because they are not insurer or under insured.

As a tenant, your biggest areas of concern should be:

  1. Protecting your belongings against damage and theft
  2. Alternative accommodation in the event of an emergency

It’s important to note that the landlord will only insure the building and the contents they own and have provided for the tenants use.

Here are some FAQ’s and scenarios that we see from time to time:

There was a leak into our property and my laptop got destroyed, who will pay for the replacement?

A leak is considered an accidental escape of water and the landlord is only liable for their own belongings. The tenant must replace their own laptop unless they have tenants insurance which covers the loss.

Someone broke into our property and stole our belongings, who is responsible?

The landlords insurance will cover any of their belongings but they are not liable for the tenants. The tenants should have their own items insured against theft.

An appliance caused a fire and the smoke damage means we cannot sleep in our rental property for the next two weeks or more while remedial works are on-going. Will the landlord pay for our hotel?

A fire is accidental and the landlord is not responsible for providing alternative accommodation for the tenants. The tenants will need to pay for their own alternative accommodation unless they have sufficient tenants insurance.

How much does it cost? 

It varies depending on the value of your belongings and the extent of the cover but the annual cost ranges from €60.00