A vacant property tax will be introduced ‘as early as possible according to Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe.

A vacant property tax is looking to come in after Revenue has collected information on vacant homes as part of the local property tax reform.

A total of 92,135 residential homes across the country are lying empty, according to a report by GeoView.

The finance minister stated “It’s important to identify the reasons for vacancy and whether this is long- or short-term in nature. There may be genuine reasons for vacancies such as refurbishment work, the temporary absence of the owner for medical reasons or pending the grant of probate for a deceased person’s estate.

It’s for reasons like these that before a vacant property tax is brought into place, they have to look at it from every angle to make sure it’s only for properties that are truly lying vacant and can be used for home buyers to help with the housing crisis in Ireland.