Top 10 New Years Resolution ideas


  1. Budget your money

This January make a vow to start saving more money. First and foremost, saving money is important because it helps protect you in the event of a financial emergency. By also saving money it can help you pay for large purchases, avoid debt, reduce your financial stress, leave a financial legacy, and offer you with a better sense of financial freedom.


  1. Drink less alcohol

Everyone always thinks to have fun at a party you have to drink. Wrong! Why not make this the year where you cut back and feel fresh waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Doing so could improve your mood, sleep, skin, and immune system. Plus, it’ll also help you save money.


  1. Quit smoking

Everyone knows the health risks involved with smoking. This year make it your year where you give them up. A tip to try and fulfil this could be to get more active, for example joining a gym or running 5k every day. Also this won’t just happen in a day, be patient with the process as you undo your old bad habits with new good habits. Each non-smoking day you do is a step in the right direction.


  1. Try a new diet plan

Everybody has tried a diet plan once in their lives. some are very hard to stick to while others might appeal more to you. Why not make this the year where you stick to your plan and reach your fitness goals for the coming summer as hopefully we will all be getting away come Summer 2021.


  1. Increase water consumption

Water is so important for the human body. Water makes up 60% of your total body weight, and a surprising 90% of brain weight. Water helps boost energy, helps with weight loss, aids in digestion, detoxes the body and hydrates the skin. These are only a fraction of what water does for the human body. This year make it your priority to drink 5 litres minimum daily and watch the results show for themselves.


  1. Join a Gym

So you’ve nailed your cardio workouts the past few years and want to see more results, why not try incorporating a new routine? A quality set of dumbbells can help elevate your workout, improve your stamina, and build muscle. A great physical activity workout stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and less anxious. So make this the year where you join a gym and bring your fitness to the next level.


  1. Do more chores around the house

Every teenager reading this or parent…. can definitely refer back to this one. A couple of dishes left in the sink “I’ll leave it for the next person to clean up”. We can all relate to this, but make it your priority going forward that anything that needs to be done in the house, you get up and get it done and not to leave it for the next person.


  1. Give yourself a new look

Working on your look is just as refreshing as turning over a new leaf internally. Taking off a few inches can make you feel so much lighter in the New Year. Even a simple new style or hair colour could brighten your days and put pep back into your step in 2021.


  1. Get more sleep

This year set yourself a bed time and wake up time. The optimum sleep is between 7-9 hours a night. There are countless studies that show how effective a good night’s sleep is for the body to function properly. Some of these include, more likely to stick to your diet, performing at higher levels, feeling calmer and happier.


  1. Pack more healthy lunches

Not only are packed lunches a lot healthier for you but they can also save you up to €50 a week. With the idea of planned lunches it can keep you on track with your diet goals as you control how much of a portion goes into each lunchbox. This year make it your goal where you meal prep properly.