Tenancies of Unlimited Duration

On the 11th June 2022, Tenancies of Unlimited Duration were introduced into law. This change provides more security of tenure for tenants. It means that, after six months living in a tenancy, the tenant will have a right to remain in the property for an unlimited duration.

Key Changes

  • Landlords no longer possess the right to terminate tenancies every six years. Termination can now only occur if a landlord serves a valid notice based on specified termination grounds outlined in the RTB.

  • All new tenancies established on or after 11th June 2022, automatically become Tenancies of Unlimited Duration if:

    • The tenant has resided in the rental property continuously for six months.
    • A valid termination notice has not been issued.


  • Existing tenancies established before the 11th June 2022, will continue to adhere to the existing security of tenure rules. It is valid until the current six-year cycle of the tenancy concludes.

  • Landlords can still end existing tenancies at the six-year mark without stating a reason. However, after the current cycle concludes, tenancies become unlimited in duration and can only be terminated for specific reasons.

  • If a tenancy is terminated, any new tenancy will automatically become a tenancy of indefinite duration, following the mentioned requirements.

  • On June 11, 2022, if a tenancy is already in place, landlords and tenants are encouraged to mutually agree to transition from a six-year cycle to a Tenancy of Unlimited Duration.