How do you set yourself ahead of everyone else when you are sending an application for your dream home?  Creating rental email enquiries can take a bit of time to get ready. You want to make yourself stand out so a good first impression is essential.

Tenants are not always aware of how to impress a landlord while filling out their email enquiry. Searching for an apartment is like looking for a job, you want to make a good first impression. Fill out your email with all the appropriate information a landlord or letting agency wants to see and you will be sure to get a reply.

Here are the necessary contents of a rental enquiry checklist:

  • Your current job position along with a work reference to confirm this. You can attach your salary to this reference or just send a payslip as an agency will usually request this.
  • Any previous landlord references with mobiles attached of the previous landlord.
  • Include in your email if you have any pets
  • The reason on why you are leaving your current property.
  • The earliest date in which you will be able to move in
  • Do up a little background report of yourself (e.g you play sports, run or walk every day, you’re a quiet person etc.).

Here is a sample email that has all relevant information and would be nearly certain to get a reply.

“Hello ******,

My name is ****** and I’m interested in your rental at ******.  My roommate and I are searching for a peaceful place to live. We are quiet and studious, majoring in physics and psychology, and capable of paying rent through jobs and financial support from parents. We do not have any pets and don’t plan on having any in the near future. We are available to move immediately. The reason we are looking for a new property is our current landlord is looking to sell.

We both have landlord and work references along with a payslip ready to send. I would love to set up an appointment to see the property. My phone number is ******.

Thank you for your time ******. I look forward to hearing from you.”