Non-resident landlord

Revenue will contact up to 300,000 property owners over the coming weeks as a reminder to submit their Local Property Tax  for the valuation period 2022- 2025. LPT was due for submission by property owners to Revenue in November 2021.

So far 1.7 million properties have been made for returns. A further 300,000 properties are still overdue. This figure includes an approximate 160,000 properties for which payment arrangements are in place.

This is a legal requirement, and the reminders from Revenue will highlight the legal importance for property owners to submit their LPT.

Properties that are adapted for persons with disabilities are eligible for exemption, as are homes confirmed to be affected by mica or other defective concrete blocks.

New homes bought since 2013 and first-time buyers will also be liable for tax.

Revenue conducts a number of compliance campaigns reminding everyone of their LPT obligations. If a response is not received within the specified time, Revenue will utilise the following collection or enforcement options:

  • Mandatory deduction from salary or occupational pension
  • The withholding of any refund of other tax as payment against LPT due
  • Withholding of Tax Clearance Certification
  • LPT surcharge generated on Income Tax, Corporation Tax or Capital Gains Tax returns
  • Interest charges of 8% per annum and additional penalties may also apply
  • Referral of the debt to a sheriff or a solicitor for collection
  • Notice of attachment of the owner’s bank account.

You can contact the LPT Helpline at 017383626.

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