• September 30, 2021
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Mica-affected homeowners will continue to protest outside Leinster House calling for 100% redress.

Last night 29/09/2021 Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien met with homeowners to update them on Government proposals. The homeowners want 100% redress for damage to their homes which was caused by the mineral mica in concrete building blocks.

The Housing Minister previously stated that they would improve the current redress scheme for the affected homeowners that the current scheme is not working as intended. With the current scheme only offering 90/10 would leave so many obstacles for families as the costs could be quite extensive.

Reported today on 30/09/2021, the redress scheme could be capped at €350,000 per homeowner. This would leave 40% of those affected behind as it would not fully cover the costs.

The above figure is a rumour that has got out and received major backlash. A final decision on a new scheme will not be made until proposals are brought to Government, expected in two to three weeks.