You will need some of the 13 items outlined here when you’re selling your home… so why not be prepared and avoid un-necessary stress down the line. You should begin gathering the info as soon as you decide to sell and the more of these you can give to your solicitor the better. If you are missing any, your estate agent and solicitor will be able to help along the way.

The list of 13 items

1) The Title Deeds to the property.

2) The BER Certificate (Building Energy Rating).

3) Proof of payment of the Household Charge.

4) Proof of payment of the Local Property Tax.

5) If the property is not your principal private residence, proof of payment of the Non Principal Private Residence Charge and a certificate of clearance will be needed.

6) If the property is being sold from an estate of deceased person you will need a grant of probate from the Irish Probate office.

7) If the property was newly built or any additions or alterations have been made to the property that required planning permission, you will need:

7) a) Copy of the planning permission

7) b) Certificate of Compliance with planning permission from an Architect

7) c) Certificate of Compliance with Building Regulations from an Architect

7) d) Local Authority receipts for payment of any financial contributions required by the planning permission

7) e) If the property is a one off build in the country that required “sight lines”, you will need proof that the sight lines (i.e. a right of way to maintain a line of sight for a certain distance from your entrance) have been granted by your neighbours.

8) If the alterations or additions you have made do not require planning Permission, you will need a certificate of exemption from an architect to state that the extension is exempt.

9) If the property is in a managed estate and you pay service charge, the receipt for payment up to date of the service charge is required. If this hasn’t been paid, the Purchaser can seek a credit of the necessary amount against the purchase price.

10) Certain property types will require the preparation of a formal registration map by an architect. Your solicitor will advise if this is necessary in your case.

11) Where the property is serviced by a septic tank, the certificate of registration of the tank with the Local Authority and & copy of the maintenance contract (if any) is required.

12) If you require access over another property or your water supply or drainage is reliant on another property, you will need proof that the appropriate legal rights are in place for you to use the other property in this manner.

13) Confirmation that the mortgage will be paid in full from the sale proceeds or a letter of consent to the sale from your Lender.

Important – Please also be aware that anyone who is not tax resident in the Republic of Ireland must now have an Irish PPS (tax) number. If you do not have an Irish tax number you should let your solicitor know and they can arrange this for you.

Note: This guide is for information purposes only.  You should always seek legal advice on any issues concerning sales or purchases of property and never execute any documents without having first having sought advice.

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