Water Heater Instructions

Water timer

The water timer is the 24 hour clock on the panel. This has 2 settings as seen below summer and winter.

Whatever season it is you set the 24 hour clock to that time of day. For example if it is 5 oclock in the day in winter you would set your clock like this.

Another example for if it was 6am in the summer would be.

After you have set your timer you must turn the switch on the panel to timed. Once this is set to timed you must leave it in this position going forward. The only time when this should be turned off is if you are going on holidays or if you don’t use hot water.

When the timer is set correctly, the programme built into the timer will then heat a full tank of water from the hours of 4am to 8am using the economy night-saver rate, thus reducing costs and saving the environment.

Boost Switch

Everything is going great, you have your shower set up on timed, you have hot water in the mornings, but let’s say you wanted another shower in the evening and there was no hot water left. You do not change the timer!! To get hot water in the evening, instead you will see a button with boost on it. This boost will only heat half a tank of water at any one time. The button twists clockwise and will turn your immersion on. The numbers around this button are the desired minutes for which how long you want to have the immersion on for. The Boost can be turned on for a maximum of 2 hours at a time and turns itself off automatically as it is a timer which counts down anti clockwise.

Warning as it is generally used by people in the evenings it uses daytime electricity which, if used regularly, can be severe on the electricity bill for the house.