If something is tripping the fuse box you should follow these instructions.

  1. Turn off the power at the fuse board by pushing all the switches down. See image below with all fuses down.
  1. Unplug EVERYTHING that you have access to in the property including the tv, kettle, phone charger, lamps etc. This means taking all plugs out of all the sockets in the wall.
  1. Turn off your timer for the electric immersion / water cylinder. This means having your water control panel in the off position. Please see examples below.
  1. Make sure your washing machine, dishwasher, oven and hob are turned off if you can’t access their plugs.

So at this point there is nothing switched on or plugged in, in the property other than maybe the fridge freezer.

  1. Go back to the fuse board and flip up all the switches on the fuse board. See image below of how that looks.
  1. Start plugging back in the things you unplugged or turned off one by one. Every time you plug something back in or turn something on, go back to the fuse board and check if any of the fuses have gone down. When you find the socket or appliance tripping the fuse just leave it unplugged or off and call out the contractor needed for the given job. The contractor will either be a plumber, electrician, appliance repair company etc.